Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the path...

Someone pulled the milkweed
at the hospice house...
helping out today

I walked among the garden flowers
wondering about the monarchs
listening to the water flowing
in the pond

and then I saw it, the pile of milkweed
I knelt down on the path
and began to search the leaves
for monarch eggs to save
there in a pile on the brick walkway

the path that grieving people walk
before their loved ones die

the path that people take
when they need something to do
like pull weeds
and think about anything other than
death and sadness and pain

so the milkweed got pulled today
it's alright...
it's alright.

He must have seen me through her window.
He came out wondering
what I was doing
collecting leaves and inspecting them
the way I was.

George.  I rose and smiled at this man.
Jenny was inside... dying young.
Oh God. I work for hospice.
As though I just remembered where I was.

But You are here.
You brought me here
today, for George.

And there are seven
new monarch eggs here
to save
for George

He was the one
who pulled the milkweed.
And that's how we met
and how he heard
about Your monarchs.

And now he will see Your picture
of hope and new life and rebirth...
that Jenny will be alright
that she will transform
and he will transform
because You hold all things in Your hand

Oh thank you my Love,
You are here
on this path
where someone pulled the milkweed today.

Sharing for the first time at Walk With Him Wednesdays at A Holy Experience


  1. Oooo, so glad you linked up! I learned about milkweed when my son had to find and raise a Monarch caterpillar for school. Could it be replanted? is running a special on plants and seeds. Anyway, your feature photo is amazing! And what a blessing to work in hospice...indeed holy and sacred work. Peace to you!

  2. Utterly beautiful sentiments. Particular life experience reflecting universal concerns of death and new life always holding hands.

  3. this just gives my heart a pause ...


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