Friday, June 10, 2011

The Big House

A big white house
with green shutters
and a white door
Don’t  you see it?

It was there before time began.
Isn’t it beautiful!
You don’t see it?
It’s right there!

What you see is just an old door.
What you see is what most people see.
But not what everybody
wants to see.

Kj (age 11)

Good eye Kara!! I love what you see!
We're spending time with Friday poetically with Brian Miller at One Stop Poetry who inspired me to take the morning off of work, so my daughter and I could play… er, write (maybe she'll be a 'playwrite' when she grows up!)  I showed her the picture and asked her to write something about her memory of this cool garden door we found in Buena Vista, CO last summer. The words are hers, I put it in stanza form.  (Brian… could I have a note for my boss?)


  1. How lovely! KJ has opened a door to the imagination.

  2. Oh, this was beautiful, Kara! My kids were very impressed, too :) Nicely done!

  3. Beautiful job, Kara! Your poem invites us to use our imagination.

  4. ha, yes i will send that note right away...just tell them you were investing in the future of our world...sure they will understand...

    and great poem kara, you are right we dont all see the same...and hopefully you will continue to see as you do because this was lovely...

  5. Good job,
    I love the picture of the big house very much.


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