Wednesday, June 26, 2013


And so this weekend
she is coming home
like any other weekend
except this time
every cell in her breasts and lungs and bones
cry out dependently

for independence
and healing
free to live
another day, another year

to hold her grandbabies
and watch them grow
joyfully laughing at them
with her kids

But for now
we will gather in strength and numbers
to pray, and laugh and cry
we will feel the warmth
of faith, hope and love

Holding fast
to the sisterhood
of childhood
that has bonded us for life

We’ll dip our toes in the water
of our skinny dipping years
and after it’s dark and
we have licked the salt from our last margarita
I will raise a toast to life, laughter and love
and in the true spirit of embracing the ridiculous
I will dare seven middle aged sisters in the moonlight
to don our birthday suits
because we can

Patricia Spreng

(If it comes to mind, please pray for my sister, Mary Sue... she has just begun her battle with breast, lung and bone cancer... we will be gathering this weekend at a secluded cottage that has been in our family for years... we spent our summers here... and yes, when Dad and brother were gone and the boys from the camp across the lake were back in their cabins... skinny dipping was a regular practice and glorious reprieve from the night time heat.)

Barlow Lake 1955... Mary Sue is the third oldest
and there were three more sisters yet to come!