Friday, July 13, 2012

Midnight Kayak Ride

Think about a midnight kayak ride,
dare yourself just a little.

Step outside
to look at the sky and wonder
while all lay sleeping…

would it be safe?
should someone know?

Feel tension
from doubt
and fear
and turtles.
Then go, because you can.

In the dark,
step through myrtle,  gently at first,
then stomping.
Worry quickly about snakes
and spiders.
Do it fast.
Haul the kayak from falling sawhorses.
Don’t look back.

Find yourself standing at waters edge
with  kayak handle in your hand
and you know…
your midnight kayak ride
began 30 minutes ago.

Slip into the water,
glide into the depths
of bravery.

Darkness drips
from each hurried stroke.
And fear subsides in tiny swirling wakes
behind you.

Paddling slows and disappears in awe
of the midnight world.

Then peace overcomes
as silk in the night
against  nakedness.

And silence lays,
in the stars.

Patricia Spreng