Sunday, June 19, 2011

Photo by Chris Galford
Color me blue
spray away
and tell me
what you see
Oh say can you see

but how can blue be me?
a color cool
as water falls
pouring sighs of paradise

with shoes of suede
songs sung that way
little boy
his cows astray

how can blue be bad
when brown eyes
wish to turn it
and hearts swim
in eyes of it

Blues are hues
Of strength and beauty
why aren’t the blues
called gray?

One Stop Poetry featuring the wonderful words of poets as inspired by graffiti photos taken by Chris Galford in Lansing, MI


  1. he he - the cows going astray made me smile...i'd say..color me blue with your words patricia...

  2. I like your poetry. Smooth with complex sound-word play. For instance, "Oh say can you see
    me?" Sounds like the intro line of Star Spangled Banner to my ear, which put into the form of a personal question renders it a great opening stanza. The cows line is also very clever.

  3. Very imaginative-- captivating use of language throughout much of this poem! You might think of some alternate endings that maintain the strength of the imagery leading up to the last line-- all best-- J

  4. how can blue be the blues, love blue...yes, how can they be gray...bkm

  5. A smidgen of the national anthem - and then, the blues. Good one, Patricia.

  6. I loved the "cows astray" line... indeed, how can blue be gray? Nice poem!

  7. I'd say this shows a grasp of free verse that was there before Fireblossom's post today! ♥

  8. A perfect companion poem for graffiti; bright, vibrant spirit, grabbing attention, waking us up. Wonderful.

  9. Very interesting and creative word choices. You leave some to ponder. I like a writer that makes the reader to a lil work too. Very nice.

  10. blue really is a vivacious and revitalizing color. your words capture its true beauty and vibrancy. lovely.


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