Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh, Respite of Clouds

Oh, respite of clouds
these angel wings
and cover me

soft peace of  heaven
as children  play I Spy
and mother sighs

her dreams
adrift in prayer
carried on sweet
respite of clouds

Patricia Spreng

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who's Happy Now?

And just like that,
he unzipped his wallet and
bought his freedom.

It cost him
one beautiful bride,
the hearts of two daughters,
one bribed son’s mind,
every other holiday,
“four” nights a week he doesn't use
plus three more he didn’t want anyway,
countless hugs and snuggles,
laughter and smiles,
good night kisses,
one signed letter of resignation as Protector, 
Helper, Lover, Leader.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars,
new homes,
new cars,
exorbitant attorney fees,
therapy for everyone else,
unending headaches,
untold heartaches,
stomachaches ad nauseum,
(vomitus, pukus, ignoramus.)

Credibility, reputation, trust and respect, spent.
Freedom is never free.
Patricia Spreng
Is there a book on why not to give in to temptation and have an affair?
Would a person in the throes of temptation ever stop to read a book?
I wonder... if only my friend had known the true cost before throwing his family away. 
If only he had recognized the true enemy.
Would he have realized that freedom is never free? 
Does he know that  God's forgiveness is?

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