Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mercy Notes

 The young one dangles her toes
that barely touch streams of mercy,
singing strains of amazing grace
by heart.

Yet, I hear
deep cello cries rising up,
as mercy notes stir me.

Only they have no name, really.
For what do you call the silence of being captured by a thought,
or the sound of darkness as it disappears,
the weight of sin lifted?

My heartstrings tightened, tuned
‘til dissonant chords resolve
and knees fall down
to sing for you
the song you sang for me.

Patricia Spreng

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Oh my God...

Over at  d’Verse Poets place today we are invited to write a poem about an imagined conversation/interaction with a famous and/or historical person of your choice. 
Guess my imagination got a little carried away… 
but what a wonderful prompt to write!!  
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Oh my God… 

I didn’t see you there, right before my very eyes.
And me … mouth gaping… how classy.
Just as I never imagined it would be.
            (Cue the internal vice grip… great.)
Can’t sit, stand, kneel, run to or from.
Not one word, nothing.
But apparently that doesn’t stop my thoughts from racing.
Good thing you can read me that way.

            Oh my God.

For all the questions I have,
(I can’t think of one.)
For all the words ever welling, pouring, bouncing around my mind,
            (I can’t say one.)
I am rendered speechless.
            (You’re the only one who does that to me.)

And in return for all the words my tongue has slung
so effortlessly to curse, judge, wish and beg,
       (a catapult of self-perceived superior thought ammunition)
bombs that are quick to misunderstand and doubt,
lies that never bothered to wait for truth,
and even the ones my lovely side has penned in thankfulness and love…

You wrote words for me
my favorite gift…
my love song…
my writer love…
            (here I feel compelled to whisper a beloved’s “thank you,” but no… still, the vice grip.)

Then, all you do is smile.
Your signature  ‘I’ve known you your whole life’  smile,
the ‘you make me laugh’ smile,
            (and your body actually begins to chuckle silently)
a smile of sheepish delight 
that cajoles me to relax into safety and freedom, 
the one that, in spite of me, because of me, embraces me.
Your smile wrapping all the way around all of me.

            “Oh, my God… how did do you do that?”

(…  the only utterance that managed to escape my mouth ... great.)

Patricia Spreng

Tuesday, March 12, 2013



she lay in wait
for her appointed time

elegance complete
yet undisplayed

fragrance swells within

until the bursting

Patricia Spreng

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