Sunday, April 28, 2013

Music Changes Everything


      p   l  
          e     d
      with    colors 
                 of       joy
                        of                         c
                                M                  i
                                        u    s
Patricia Spreng
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Pat Spreng with Dan, Chuck and Rod Jacobs 4-26-13 Click on the link to hear their amazing jazz, you won't be disappointed.  What a privilege to sing with them. Photo by Myrna Jacobs

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sheep On A Beach

I hear the rhythm of the ocean 
call my name and
I surrender all 
to crashing waters
in sandy pastures.

Captivated by day,
lulled by night,
I hear you speak
in sound waves
all your own.

For who’s to say
this is not exactly the
timbre, tone and depth
of your voice.

Vast, powerful,
soft and mesmerizing.

Always present,
always calling.

Patricia Spreng

My sheep listen to my voice…   John 10:27

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