Tuesday, September 27, 2011

flutter by butterfly

dressed in wings of beauty, frail
he listened  as she told her tale

his wings were strong and flattered by
the way that she had fluttered by

they didn’t see the windshield, splattered
she listened to his last words, sputtered

'fly like the wind though heart may fail'
she flew away with broken tail

Patricia Spreng
After finding this Spicebush Swallowtail managing her broken wings so beautifully, I caught the image and the story came quickly.  I was delighted to find an actual form in the ending words of each line!  By now, you know I have no head knowledge of poetry... just heart knowledge. So, I ask my learned poet friends... and you know who you are =) ...   Is this a form? Does it have a name?

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Web Master

weave me,  spinning
thread bare strands of life
as only you can
into silken beauty of brokenness

stretch me
far beyond what I could ever know
as only you can
adorn me with unwasted tears,

lest I think I’m some kind of Rumplestiltskin
pretending to know the intricacies
of weaving gold from dust
as only you can

Patricia Spreng

You keep track of all my sorrows.  You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.  Psalm 56:8

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Hold On

 Winds have always blown
in beauty and terror
testing strength
against  strength
opposing fiercely
 until the moment when
fear (embraced)
in the eye of the Beholder
peace comes 
and what you thought
was weakness
is Strength disguised
in you
not of you
holding fear away

Patricia Spreng

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     As Fall arrives, the winds blow, leaves fall, colors change, temperatures change.   I cannot help but see there is a direct correlation to my life and faith season of Autumn.   Changes, yes.  In our imperfect life, the winds of many challenges are blowing in our family. Our children are  leaving our home, (hair) colors are changing, physical changes, health changes, etc.  (and yes, temperature changes!)  Changes I ordinarily would fear, I am choosing to embrace.  Living within change, I am finding God's strength in embracing the storms, not fearing them.  Is He the calm at the eye of your storm ?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer Wind

Lake Michigan  ***   Holland, MI

Stretching days
of stolen time
in sand and sun

Breathe your last
summer  wind
blow goodbye   kisses
toward the shore

Touch my hair
and turn my face toward you
waving sweet memories
across my toes

Hoping that
I beg you to stay
through winter
as though this time you would

When did you
change  color
my fickle friend
singing new songs
that chill my soul

Goodbye summer  wind
I’ll be here
with you in mind
‘til you return

Patricia Spreng

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

(urinary track)

to the train
all aboard
get on board
get on board
for the ride
to remember
you’ll remember
this train


he swore to the conductor
we ten were under twelve
discount for having so many, so close
let dad do the talking
clackity clack
don’t talk back
smile, be polite
say thank you
yes sir

before long
we owned that train
bar car
dining car
sleeping car
running down the aisle
playing hide and seek
making lovers squirm
in their dirty looks
wishing they were on any. other. train.

‘til one of us stopped
to catch a breath of fresh air
at the joint between cars
then we all did
right there
and that’s where we stayed
for the rest of the trip
stuck our heads outside
leaning out over the gate
as far as we could reach
reaching, stretching
without falling
'No falling!'
(as though another new rule would deem it so)
wind blowing our hair
blue sky
sunshine on our faces
and the rain
the rain
the cool, wet rain
sprinkling our faces
in sunshine
by the end
mother wondered why our hair was wet
shirts damp
the look of  horror on her face
was beyond understanding
as we begged
for her to join our joy
in our tale to tell
of being rained on in sunshine
looking for rainbows

'that was no rain'
she exclaimed
jaw clenched
low hushed
matter of fact
disgusted still
madly digging for a hanky



train engines hissin’
train track pissin’
clackity clack
urinary track

rhythm of the rail
hear momma wail
clackity clack
urinary track

clackity clack
urinary track
don’t hold back

go baby... go...

Patricia Spreng
Yes, this really happened.  In 1968, my parents took all 10 of us kids on a train ride to Taqhaumenon Falls in the upper peninsula of Michigan. We were having such fun, until we saw our mom's face.  My dad wanted to throw us all into the Falls.  Apparently, we all survived.  We still laugh about it. The minute Claudia mentioned "trains,"  this was the first and only story that came to mind.  =)   Submitted to d’Verse Poetics tonight where Claudia is asking for stories about trains.  Click here on d’Verse Poetics to read more train stories by the wonderful world of poets

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Standard Poem

Mind if I add a little background music to the pub tonight?

      In July,  I gave a concert at the grand opening of a beautiful, new retirement community in a nearby city. I noticed how the titles of the songs fit nicely into a poem of sorts…. A Standard Poem,  if you will. 

          Click right here  or on the "Recordings" tab above if you'd like to hear me sing some of these.  Enjoy! 

A Standard Poem

What’s New?
(did you know)
I Have Got a Crush on You?

(i love having )
Someone to Watch Over Me
(and whisper in my ear)
Hello Dolly

(i hear the)
(in the)
Orange Colored Sky
(and i think to myself)
What a Wonderful World

Almost Like Being In Love

When I Fall In Love
(i get)
(do I need to spell it for you?)

At Last
The Very Thought of You
(because of the way you make me)

Patricia Spreng

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Monday, September 12, 2011

funny monday

do you see 6 turkeys?

What’s the trouble turkeys?
                                        Got your feathers in a fluff?

It’s only Max
the mighty wonder dog
The Terrier Terror
(Triple T)

    fly away turkey ...
                       don’t let the puppy get you down...
When’s the last time you saw a turkey in a tree?

Saturday, September 10, 2011


To walk with you
holding hands
lifted by the strength
of your love

To dance with you
on top of your shoes
lifted by the strength
in your pinky fingers

To learn from you
filling your shoes one day
lifted by the strength
of your legacy

Patricia Spreng

Joining today with d’Verse Poetics to honor the memory of all the victims of 9/11

Ever so gently, carefully .. instead of reliving the atrocity, describing the carnage, or abhoring the evil that led to such an act ... I simply felt drawn to the loss within the home after losing a beloved.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Head down
knees bent…
pressing in hard
to the presence of God
when the faith forecast
is partly cloudy
with a chance of tears

Patricia Spreng

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dragon fly
far away
never to return

paper thin
transparent truths
carried on wings of love


blown by wind
blown dreams
spinning promises
golden hair treasures

a fairy tale
of heroes
and champions
slay the dragon fly
far away

Patricia Spreng 

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Monday, September 5, 2011

I stole a day…

I stole a day this morning
pajama clad and all
sleeping in
me, my Lord, and I
'til jays' loud calling
sent me pointing lens upon the world
with coffee brewing just for one
sending  gentle wake up chimes
flowing softly through my veins
I stole a day this afternoon
pajama clad and all
no calendar, clock or phone
chores that called remained undone
reading still and writing more
napping on the sun room chair
‘til little dog who came to play
took me out of doors
that way
(pajama clad and all)

I stole a day this evening
still pajama clad
eating breakfast then dessert
leisure drinks so tall
pages filled with letters
truth and tears
smiling at baby doves
momma warming feathers nearby

I stole a night tonight
prayers adoring, begging,
wrestling, resting
reading read
ready for bed
content beyond all measure
pajama clad and all

Patricia Spreng

When was the last time you stayed in your pajamas all day…  and you were not sick at all?

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Saturday, September 3, 2011


silent laughter
of wordless tongues
softening sadness
cheer delight

knowing look
thoughts align
spirits soar
gift sublime

welcome home
entered through
the front door of a smile

Patricia Spreng

Charlie Chaplin wrote the song, “Smile” in the 1950s.  The video is a tribute to his work in silent movies and his beautiful, sad song recorded by one of my favorites, Nat King Cole.  Today, you will find the wonderful words of poets over at d’Verse Poetry  where the prompt is silent movies.