Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fish Wish

The problem
as I see it
I’m not a fish who flies
for if I were
a fish who flew
I know exactly
what I'd do

I’d swim a wild lap
or two
and take a great big breath
then launch myself
right out of here
and fly like real birds do

I want to feel
the fresh blue air
the wind beneath my fins
hear songs of little bluebirds
and barks of
Rin tin tins

My walls are glass
my dreams are big
content no more to do this gig
swimming round in circled lair
look out birds
I’m outta here!

Patricia Spreng

Today at One Stop Poetry you’ll find the wonderful words of poets.  Thank you to Mr. Peter Marshall for hosting this and providing the space to dream. 


  1. This is lovely. Nice one shot! :)

  2. ha fun piece...i remember seeing the flying fish when we were on a cruise once...does this speak to our lack of contentment in who we are...


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