Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I love a dog
who loves me back
curls ‘round my neck
like a cat in puppy love

I love a mutt
who thinks he’s a labrador
tirelessly retrieving
faithful and proud

I love a braveheart
all ten pounds
standing down deer in the night
tormenting chipmunks by day

I love a circus dog
Leaping to my trusted arms
then clenching jaw
to swing
impressing far beyond
stupid pet tricks

I love a dog

Maxwell Smart
my dog

Patricia Spreng

Sharing the love of pets with Peter Pollacks One Word Blog Carnival.


  1. Maxwell Smart needs an Agent 99. And a great way to end the video.

  2. Lovely words to let us view your dog Max's charming ways. Maximillion is our Grandson's name, and we teased them that they named him after one our past dogs with that name. NO they informed us, they just liked the name.


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