Wednesday, June 22, 2011

rainbow dreams
wash away
like pastel chalk drawings
on sidewalks in the storm

reality melting
as tear drops fall through
helpless fingers
to earth

only to land on
innocent petals of life and beauty
never meant to carry
thorns of broken promises

their weight in gold
worth so much more
than any pot found
when chasing rainbow's end

tears of loss
roll off these
the weight of broken promises
that petals cannot carry

Patricia Spreng

Written as an expression of grief for dear friends and children suffering through the pain of divorce, who find it is quite impossible to grieve in silence or public after the tragic death of a marriage.  Sharing this today at One Shot Wednesday.


  1. Always so hard when things fall apart and you have to pick up the pieces. Children are innocent and all they want is love and safety.

  2. In spite of the pain, the images are beautiful, a kind of beauty of profound sadness.

  3. so sad when rainbow dreams wash away - love the pastel chalk drawings... sad words nicely woven patricia

  4. Beautifully spoken, Patricia.

  5. "reality melting
    as tear drops fall through
    helpless fingers
    to earth"

    Beautiful passage. I think Glynn says it best when he mentions the profound sadness of this piece. "rainbow dreams" makes me think of sidewalk murals of colored chalk dissolving in the rain and over time.


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