Sunday, June 5, 2011

I think I can...

no life was found

Photo by Rob Hanson 
Click on photograph to expand for full effect so that you see "it" too. 

 they called it dead
it lay on frigid bed

reflecting doubt
and death they cried
‘it can’t be done
don’t even try’

they walked away in pride

but one small seed
thought home was found
and all alone
stood it’s ground

where hope and strength
began to grow
in frozen air
where none could know

one small idea
potential seen
against all odds
had just turned green

Patricia Spreng

The photo was taken by Rob Hanson, whose photography is featured today at One Shoot Sunday, providing inspiration for the wonderful words of poets.


  1. Even when all is dead and lifeless -- there's always hope. Always. Good poem, Patricia.

  2. I really enjoyed your poem, set to the image. Thank you for that.

    I especially like how, when you click the image, it fills the entire screen with white. That helps to accentuate the empty space of the image. Well done!

    Rob Hanson

  3. Be careful what one leaves for dead, for there is always hope lurking within, always chance of a rebirth, a resonating second act...too often we mistake ideas gone before their time, only to be surprised by the end results. Lovely sentiments, well-suited to the photo. Hopeful and delightful.

  4. i love people who see the potential of small ideas and help them grow against the odds...good poem patricia

  5. People much like all of you watering me with kind words... thank you.

  6. Rob,
    It's a privilege to meet you and your artist's eye. Beautiful. Honored by your words. Thank you.

  7. Simple and amazing rhymes - very nice!

  8. all it takes is to believe and stand its ground....nice rhyme scheme and uplifting message...

  9. What an imaginative response to this extraordinary photo.

  10. One of my new favorite poems; masterful variations of rhyme throughout :) Even better, this one makes me think of ants moving rubber tree plants, as well as that "little engine that could" (iconic tales). And at the same time, your poem is a unique rendering of persistence. Cheers

  11. I love when there is hope even though it's against all odds!

  12. Great choice for this picture... your insight was great.

  13. Patricia -- Totally my pleasure to be associated with your poetry, and I think this is a wonderful piece for the image.

    Would you be so kind as to contact me at your convenience? Rob [at] RobHansonPhotography [dot] com. I'd like to ask a question.


  14. Patricia,
    Took me a couple of clicks to see it! What a delightful poem and a lesson to the cynic. Well played!

  15. insightful and hopeful words

    it is life's grace that sunshine comes after frozen cold night.

  16. Quite impressive job.
    Check out our potetry potluck week 38 today,
    With Kavita/Olivia starring the show.
    First time participannts feel free to share 1 to 3 old poems or random poems in case you don’t have anything fitting our theme (inspired by a song).
    Come on it nOW.
    We love your talent!


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