Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Hello Dearest Mother"

“Hello Dearest Mother.”
Came the text message.

She recognized  those familiar words.
The ones he uses.
When he needs something.
She smiled, knowingly.

He, the son, away at college.
Who doesn't usually call.
Four whole miles from home.
Where Dad works.

He probably doesn’t know about the movie,
Mommie Dearest.
She’s thankful he doesn’t call her that.

But, tonight was different.
Just the two of them.
Impromptu suit shopping.
For an event.
With a young woman.

He had always been insistent on brands.
She had always been insistent on sales.
"Buy your own brand names," she’d say.
"Maahhm," he'd say.

This time he didn’t seem to care about brands.
Tonight he was grateful.
Tonight, she was reminiscent.
She knew she was dressing her little boy for the last time.

Working three jobs while going to school.
"How'm I gonna buy all this stuff when I’m on my own.”

She noticed how a grateful heart made a very handsome man.
He noticed how a grateful heart made her a cheerful giver.

Patricia Spreng


Monday, October 8, 2012

Seed of Faith

I loved how this photo captured the heart shape of a chestnut seed pod.

Oh, how the broken heart of thorns,
holds each one away.

Shields what life remains inside,
despite what all would say.

Then, cautiously, she met him and
knew he was the One.

A need inside, so strong, she burst
and hopeless, fell undone.

This man of sorrow understood,
he caught her there mid-fall.

Held her close and cleansed her,
removing scars and thorns and all.

He sealed her heart and kissed it,
breathed life into her soul.

It grew in faith and flourished
made right, made new, made whole.

Chestnut Tree photo courtesy of
Patricia Spreng


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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Self Portrait

He paints himself
Displays himself 
Speaks in a voice
The nearness of God
A self portrait
too rich for words
Patricia Spreng