Monday, June 6, 2011

Good morning
hatching from your egg
you're unaware
what you'll become
upon your leafy bed

 take your time
no hurry now
my little sleepy head

we'll watch you here
with awe and cheer
until your wings you spread

Patricia Spreng

Did you know that the very first meal a monarch caterpillar eats is the very shell from which it hatched just moments before?  Every single time.  How does it know to do that? Such fun!


  1. I didn't realize how tiny they are!

  2. what a peaceful and serene verse...just sitting and contemplating a soon to be caterpilar...and of course it makes a fine metaphor as well for allowing oneself to watch the process of change and not need to put our hands on it...

  3. Thanks for stopping by my place today. I clicked to your bio and saw that you are a Monarch butterfly lover. This post nearly did me in. My children and I raised many together when we were home schooling. My son named one of his caterpillars Sweetie because that's what I always called him. Somewhere in my archives I've got a picture and a post of him holding Sweetie on the day he hatched. Thanks for helping me revisit that beautiful time. Blessings.


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