Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When a woman cuts her hair
two things may have happened
initiating outward change
that began internally
long ago

She may have turned 51
She may have had a glass of wine or two

While surrounded by girlfriends
who reinforced the battle cry of change
giving her courage
not unlike the liquid form of courage
found in a bottle of peroxide and golden brown # 23

Engaged in the mirror of life changing seasons
over which she has no control
finding herself with front lines
at the battle of the bulge
and not winning
though objects in the mirror may appear slightly larger than they are

Some seasons are cut too short
letting go and moving on
as though a new normal is normal
but it isn’t
not unlike sitting in a stylists chair
watching her long locks
                                              a woman
                                                                   her hair

Patricia Spreng


  1. Whatever the reason, it looks wonderful!

  2. Congratulations and good luck with this phase of your life!

  3. and though a man should always say it looks wonderful, i really mean it...smiles. nice write and here is to many more years...

  4. Nice haircut :) Many many more wonderful birthdays.

  5. You look really nice. It is said that 50s is the new 40s!

    Love this post.

    I'm here:
    The Evening Wind

  6. Nice haircut, and here's to girlfriends, a glass of wine, and new seasons!

  7. Of course, its a new stage, just another step.

    Cheers and nice to meet you at D'verse ~

  8. LOL... my daughter-in-laws friend just cut her tresses off, husband not too happy, but the little girl who will receive the treasure from Lock of Love will be ecstatic. Change is wonderful, especially from the heart.


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