Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jes Lemme Sang

Mice in the kitchen
Momma be unstrung
work a little hectic
dog just rolled in dung

Daddy’s far away
long time comin’ back
this bed all big and lonely
said ‘yes,’ but what the heck

daughters are a scrappin’
son professed new love
but I was sangin’ blues las night
ain’ nothin’ more I love

so pick away guitar men
let me hear you play
touch me with your strings of steel
I’ll sing us far away

Patricia Spreng

Dad, I gots to do me sum sangin’ las night… belted out good … just like you taught me to.  You’d say ‘it was grand, really swell.’  Oh, and I could feel it alright.  What a fun crowd, all 4th of July and such.  I would tell you how we jammed all night and I kept picking up what they was layin down.  It was hot... and they were cool cats, Dad.  Totally spontaneous…  the way jammin’ sposed to be.  You’da loved it…mmm… if’n you was here.  ‘Til then big daddy... lil' pitypat

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  1. nice...love a little spontaneous jammin...very lyrical...

  2. You would think that would be a big predicament, but no. The biggest problem is that the kitchen countertops weren’t level. Everything rolled off of them onto the floor! Clearly, some thing had to be accomplished.

  3. FABULOUS! Perfect little blues ditty.


  4. OK, so my foot's stompin' and my hands are clappin' and I need to hear them strings go strung.

    Fun poem, Patricia.

  5. Deceptively simple, like all good song lyrics. This has music, I assume? I wish I could hear it. If not, the poetry of the words themselves imply music.

    There is a lot to admire here, and I don't know where to start.

    I think I have to say my favorite is the personification of the bed saying yes to Momma, who rejects it in order to go sing the blues.

    Thanks for offering a link for us at Books and Culture.


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