Friday, July 22, 2011

Little princess pinecone
headdress  fixed so dear
waiting for your prince to come
so you can grow this year

seeds within you carry
strength so great and bold
beauty could become you
your quiver filled with gold

But wait! ...

I didn’t get my chance
To show what I could do
That stupid squirrel
He jumped on me  
Look what he made me do!

I fell so far
From way up there
I’m ‘sposed to be that tall
My strength and beauty still to shine
It isn’t fair at all!

Ah, yes my princess pinecone
your life was cut too short
‘sposed to haves and should’a beens
and princes you could court

But now you shall remind me
sitting on my sill
my little princess pinecone
one task for you to fill

tell me of the seed of death
waiting in us all
to rear its ugly head and say
pride comes before the fall

patricia spreng

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