Friday, July 1, 2011


Give me
          Your patience
for the Patient
          who is really
the  Care’taker’
          depending  on
the Care’giver’
          to be
but she’s not

impatient spreng

Thanking God as we pass the one year mark of my husband's successful brain surgery.  The road to recovery was rife with emotion, pain and unexpected challenges and setbacks.  I never dreamed the  caregiver would be challenged as much as I was.  As I swam in that sea, it seemed there were precious few moments to capture my thoughts in writing.  I knew, without a doubt that God is the solid rock upon which sometimes only our toes touch, so that our noses stay above water... by His grace. 

Submitted to Friday Poetically with Brian Miller at One Stop Poetry where you will find the wonderful words of poets.


  1. A serious test for both of you, so pleased he pulled through..praise the Lord. Lovely poem..

  2. That's a difficult journey. I am glad that he is better. I saw my dad being a caregiver to my mom and dying first. He never complained, he just did what he had to do. Thanks for this.

  3. love the word play in the title...a fine piece...and i hope your husband success continued on further...that is a tough road to walk...


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