Sunday, July 3, 2011


burst forth
as freedom rings

freely receive
freely give
from deep within
deep calls

lives were laid
in blood
before the graves

covered by
broad stripes and bright stars
proof in the perilous fight
our flag is still here

campfire shores
freedom rings in air

songs and sighs of days gone by
parades of celebration
and the rockets red glare
the bombs bursting in air

run freely here
and dream in peace
here in the
home of the brave

Patricia Spreng

Happy 4th of July at One Shot Sunday where you will find the wonderful words of poets.


  1. Patricia: that is lovely from the beautiful sparkler like flower to the solemnity of the sacrifice required

    Have a wonderful 4th

  2. Vivid imagery of the fourth. The beach is crowded, and a display is planned over Corpus Christi Bay. The picnics are happening as kids splash, and dogs wag their tails. Above the gulls eye bread crumbs waiting to swoop. Indeed let freedom ring and soar! Happy 4th. Gay

  3. And dream in peace. Our hearts yearn for that - and you've pictured that yearning here. Good one, Patricia.

  4. love how you put this...and love that you chose a flower to accompany your words...freely receive
    freely much truth in this patricia

  5. you capture well the essence of the 4th...i hope you had a good one...and thank you for coming back with the additional note...made me smile...

    as you can tell from my most recent post...i will still be writing and visiting so do drop in...i always return comments...


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