Saturday, July 23, 2011

Knot my dog…

Ha!  some vict’ry in your tug of war
whose side is winning now?
cramping claws and clenching jaw
don’t even ask me how

working out this knot
seems to be so tight
stopping all the flow of life
I've tried with all my might

you’re pulling on the wrong end
please don’t try so hard
you’re making too much noise
go play out in the yard

this knot it ain’t no use
just throw it all away
go and buy a new one
I'll chew some other day

Patricia Spreng

Having fun over at dVerse a place where you will find the wonderful words of poets who are being prompted today by “shoes.”  Go visit there and see if it fits =).


  1. Patricia,

    A very charming poem. I like the dialogue form. The accompanying photo is perfect!


  2. How many pairs do we go through in a lifetime? - I hate to think about it.

    (word verification: "catfuls" - interesting...)

  3. Loved this take on the prompt! Never even crossed my mind, though I've many pairs of shoes that have met similar fates. Loved the rhyme too...a personal addiction! :)

  4. Great fun and it flows well.

  5. ha. luckily my cat leaves the shoes alone...except maybe to sleep on them...yes i know a few dogs that do...

  6. The little dog is looking pretty innocent!

  7. Cute poem...the two "tugs" of war (words) are amusing to read ~

  8. Delightful poem - you reminded me of my dog when he was a puppy and chewed all my shoes

  9. The poem is both fun and serious at the same time. The picture with it is also great!

  10. I don't get it, but they do love shoes, don't they? lol, cute pic and poem :)

  11. Haha! Love it! Nice use of prompt.

  12. Those knots...those dogs. I had to laugh. Good one, Patricia.

  13. Cute take on the theme... nothing like a pup to mix things up.

  14. this hits dog chewed off half my shoe lace....oh well...I always forgive her....bkm

  15. Your pup is so cute. What kind is he/she? Almost looks like our Kelly (passed away). Beautiful poem. xo


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