Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Coming

I’ve been waiting for you, preoccupied in thought.
Though hurried hands tend to the present;
the eyes of my heart look back in that over-the-shoulder,
what-just-happened, sort of way.
I look out the window, wondering how long.
Watchful,  checking again... ready for you way too early.
You appear out of nowhere, as though somehow you hurried, but didn’t.
Your sweet time taken, I knew you would get here.
Never too late to save the day.
You look wonderful, different, a little older, wiser.
I embrace you completely with a great sigh of relief
and for a moment, time stands still.
I have needed you to start again. 
Bring my hands and heart together to beat in perfect time.
A rhythm of new beginnings.

Patricia Spreng

Welcoming in the New Year and wishing everyone a blessed year of new beginnings.  Joining with friends at d’Verse Poets


  1. A rhythm of new beginnings..sounds good to me as well..and we're also a little bit wiser i guess..or maybe not..smiles
    happy new year patricia!

  2. "Though hurried hands tend to the present" ... Indeed, they must.

  3. the rhythm of a new begining...i like that...smiles....its a clean page...we write as we will on it...i hope you write it boldly...happy new year!

  4. Poetry is a great way to ring in the New Year, isn't it? Happy New Year!

  5. sweet anticipation of what God has next... like it

  6. Time will get you when you least expect it. But your words "I embrace you completely" are the key to everything that matters. Have a great new year!

  7. Beautiful poem! Happy new year to you and your loved ones!

  8. I'm glad for a new beginning! Turning the eyes of my heart forward, and willing my hurried hands to hush. Happy New Year, friend.

  9. "You hurried out of nowhere"

    Love that line!

  10. Blessings for your new year. I enjoyed your singing so much ... for some reason the comment I left for you disappeared. You have a calming voice.

  11. Oh, my heart hears this one, Pat. I have been ready for a new beginning too. What a blessing it was to meet you in person in 2011! Who knows what this year may hold?


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