Saturday, January 7, 2012

Silent sighs...

in the space
of silent sighs

deep groans of
internal contortion

winds howl through corridors of night 
sucking life from tombs of loneliness

tentacles of stress
maniacally entangle

silently stealing
synapses of my soul

where are you
oh dweller of my spirit

maker of mind
Healer of my heart

giver of life
breathe into me

heave low and heavy
Your spirit

restore to me
the joy of your salvation

Patricia Spreng

Pulling out something from my past to join with d'verse poets... where you will find the wonderful words of poets. Tonight they are featuring poetry that encompasses the use of onomatopoeia and I thought this sounded about right.  Thank God for his faithfulness, I am not in this place anymore.


  1. oh those tentacles can be insideous...glad your maker is there to stand guard...smiles....nice one patricia

  2. Ooooh, been there, sometimes there right now, too. Thanks for this, Pat. Rejoicing with you that you've moved out of this particular valley.

  3. Perfect Sunday offering... thank you!

  4. the sounds of silence - lack of sound...what a twist on the prompt! I like it a lot, Pat. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. yes, heal the mind and heart

    bumble bee

  6. Yeah, I'd like a little of that restoration, too. Beautiful, Patricia.

    1. Thanks Megan. I'm just now seeing blogger is adapting a reply box... oh how wonderful(ly) too late! Hope you are well... I always love your fresh insight and honesty. You make me smile.


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