Tuesday, December 20, 2011

peaceful wings

 peaceful wings
dart, flit, sing and share
seeds snap
and fall

his color commands
his call cries out
me first
move over
as feathers fly
he wonders why
he's never known a friend
if only he had seen
the invitation
was for everyone

  patricia spreng

Sharing with Laura at The Wellspring,


  1. smiles...you gave him quite a human face.. if only he had seen..some people just don't or have to learn the hard way..and i think they hurt themselves most with it..

  2. What a bossy bird acting all absurd. Saw to late, not such a nice fate.

  3. Watching birds is such a revelation into character.

  4. ... maybe mama should have taught him better... lovely pics

  5. smiles...you give him life...and the same questions that haunt us...did he miss it or we not extend it far enough...

  6. Love the look in his eye in that last shot. I think I may have seen that one before.

    In the mirror.

  7. What is it about these beautiful birds that makes them so bossy?...and loud!
    The pictures are beautiful Patricia.
    Wishing you a blessed and joyous Christmas.

  8. i love watching birds. sometimes the littel birds are dodo heads, though

  9. Lovely, Pat. A tonic as I come in from the cold tonight, after 90 minutes of school concert (our eldest grandgirl is a 'big' kindergartener now!) and 45 minutes of grocery shopping. (Did I mention I am so far behind on Christmas that I'm working on next year??) Thanks for our usual lovely words and pictures. And those jays - they are mouthy sons of guns, aren't they?

  10. Ummm....make that YOUR usual lovely words... must be tired (or crazy. Maybe a tad of both?)

  11. I walk past an bushy area each day where five blue jays chase off the wrens and sparrows to chow down on seeds and crumbs. They appear to share the spot with one another and have a relationship where each warns the others of the lightning approach of the nearby kestrel. You've definitely captured their attitude, though, Patricia.

  12. aw, poor guy. I hope he learns. beautiful photos, as always. Merry Christmas to you.


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