Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Silence falls
in peace

a forest where 
quiet tears lay frozen
in beautiful sorrow

a still life
by layered  memories

covering each other
in colors of unique

so I remember
life and laughter and love

Patricia Spreng
in loving memory of Margie, Marilyn, Mike, Mom and Dad

Joining today with d'verse poets for open link night... where you will find the wonderful words of poets.


  1. I like the white silence of the day. I remember too my loved ones who can't be with us on this special day. This is a lovely share and tribute ~

  2. The photo is stunning. Is it the ground you've photographed?

    (I so appreciated your God-Bumps story, too. I'm just getting around to blogs today, after Christmas gatherings and now sickness in our home.)

  3. christmas is a good time to remember the loved ones, the life, laughter and love they brought...love the peacefulness in this patricia

  4. Quiet tears lay frozen...best, best line. Perfection.

  5. nice...snow has that ability to transform the world...blanketing it in freshness....and this time of year our minds turn toward what is past before we turn that next page...nice capture...

  6. A sweet and tender poem.

  7. So quietly spoken and beautiful.

  8. A lovely tribute, dear poet! A wonderful and touching read.

  9. Oh so spare and so lovely, Pat. Thank you for this. And thanks so much for your oh-so-kind words at my place earlier today. You do know what this is like - and I'm sorry for how well you know this. Missing all those dear ones with you tonight, even though i never met them. Prayers and love to you.

  10. Truly a wonderful tribute you gave. We all tend to look toward the past this time of year too.

  11. I love the "in beautiful sorrow" line. a bitter sweet write.

  12. Patricia, so hard this time of the year. Wonderful how God gave you a special moment in the stillness of winter to remember...

  13. Tears here.

    That photo. Is it the ground or window frost? It's beautiful.


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