Friday, December 30, 2011

And So I Sing

I sing
though I have failed
to be the sweetest song

I write
though I have not
become the brightest thought

To over think the gift
(unworthiness thereof)
is insult to the Giver

So I will live
as I will die
a sinner saved by grace

And so I sing
to echo him
the Giver of the song

Patricia Spreng
Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone - Chris Tomlin - as sung by Patricia Spreng
(Music accompaniment by Premier Performance Plus soundtracks)


  1. oh wow the recording..great it also you playing the piano?

  2. Oops... I forgot to credit the music track... Thanks Claudia =) Happy New Year!

  3. Oh, goody! You're putting up some worship tracksl LOVE to hear you sing, Patricia. And I love this sweet poem, too. Thank you for all of it, all this year long (well, at least since about September - when I discovered you and your butterflies and your lovely music.)

  4. wow. nice voice. and coming from me, well, i never say that to anyone, unless they are really good, and i mean it.

  5. Oh, Pat. This just made me smile. Felt like you were right here in my messy post-Christmas, just-got-home-from-traveling living room.

    Yes. Please, ma'am, I want so mo'.

  6. I just love this. Feeling warm, with your voice filling my kitchen tonight.

  7. Singing with you. This made me so happy.

  8. Girl! Why did I not sit next to you during worship at Laity? Would have loved to have heard your beautiful voice there and joined my imperfect one with it. Thanks so much for posting this. Beautiful way to start my morning!


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