Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Closing Chapters
The greatest wave,
swelled to heights of beauty, grandeur, strength.
It's power crashed upon the shore,
released to move, displace and change.
Its purpose accomplished,
receding silently beneath my feet,
dizzying the space between then and now…
giving way to others who will yet come.

The greatest novel
built with strength and power of the word,
crashed upon my soul
an undulating story moving in rhythm and time.
Weaved its way within me
to move, displace, and change...
 and now, its closing chapters
leave me wanting, hungry…
wishing for any other way
but unexpected endings
slipping through my hands.

Patricia Spreng

 Joining with d'Verse Open Link Night cause it's been a while... come and read the wonderful words of poets.


  1. lovely poem, Patricia. I especially like this line- dizzying the space between then and now.

  2. oh but i like unexpected endings in novels..i like to see the unthinkable happen...maybe i like life a little more predictable....smiles.

  3. when novels crash upon our soul... yes.. i know what you mean.. i tend to live in the novels i read..and if it's an ending i don't like, i could scream..

  4. Any particular novel you have in mind?

  5. I enjoy reading books that move me and transport me to another time and place. Great to see you here~


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