Saturday, August 27, 2011

Writer's Retreat

I herd high calling calling me to write
why  I needs to go to the  writer's retreat
to sit tight with God
and  lurn me sum things
and peeples  to meet

Im a bit ascared cuz
I don’t know sestinas, sonnets  'n such
I jus like to right out in ink from my heart
sumtimes I splatter
it don’t come out  write

and thats why I needs
the writer’s retreat

Patricia Spreng
(shamelessly looking for a discount on this Writers Retreat by  gladly promoting a fabulous place called Laity Lodge in Texas which is hosting a writers retreat for The High Calling, an equally fabulous web site filled with all kinds of great resoursces and people.  Go check it out for yerself.   =)


  1. Oh, Patricia...I'm right there with you on the sestinas and such! I hope you can come, it's such a special place. Truly a retreat; not like other conferences I"ve been to. You will leave refreshed.

    And you made me smile.

  2. Yes, no question, the Laity Lodge Writer's Retreat will help your writing. I'm not about the spelling, though.

  3. ha, loved this :)

  4. That splattering and not coming out quite right? I'm learning that sometimes, that's just how it's gotta be.

    Hope this works out for you.

  5. I love this. Herd indeed. You'll be one of the cats in the herd. Hope to see you there!


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