Friday, August 5, 2011


My mother's favorite flower...
taken at her funeral by my niece,
Kristen Grinnell Photography 

It  doesn't matter
the number of tears that fall...

who can say
how many there will be?

for no one ever counts
how many rain drops fall

before flowers bloom
or rainbows come

but they do,
and you will...

bloom again.

Patricia  Spreng
Dedicated to my friend whom I love with all my heart. 

Submitted to dVerse where you will find the wonderful words of poets.


  1. smiles. you paint this beautifully...i want to sigh by the end...smiles.

    It does not matter
    the number of tears
    that fall

    How many
    will there be?

    Who can say,

    For no one ever counts
    the number of times
    it rains

    before flowers bloom
    or rainbows come

    but they do

    and you
    will bloom

    ok, i reswizzled one stanza and took out "but He does" i tried to find another place for it but...the reasoning is that it throws off the answer that follows...i dunno, i like the line it just sits out of place for me.

  2. Thank you ayala =)

    Brian, I get what you are saying... thank you =)
    I think I am trying to say to the grieving soul (who is looking for the answer to the unanswerable question of how long) that God knows... and answers by showing his faithfulness through blooming flowers and rainbows ... ultimately, it's his answer at the end of the poem. Which begs the question... is this prophetic or poetic? Same trouble i get into on other pieces ... where as a vocalist...I'm not sure if I've written lyrics or poetry. But, that's a whole 'nother pot of coffee. =) It was a pleaseure to join you guys tonight. I respect your work greatly.

  3. This poem is beautiful. I like the hope at the end: "you will bloom again".

  4. i see bri gave you already a great feedback...i like what he's done...beautiful piece patricia

  5. Yes, it's lovely. And I agree with what Brian says.

  6. The number of petals on a flower
    the number of raindrops in a shower
    the number of hairs on your head
    the number of sands on the seashore
    He knows them all.

    Lovely, Patricia. I got inspired.

  7. Thank you for the feedback... I truly appreciate your kindness and candidness. Its how we grow isn't it? Glynn... I love it!

  8. Enjoying all that you have written and the comments!


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