Saturday, August 20, 2011

(or TP for short... which you know what we use that for)

Talking heads
riding roughshod
unhappy trails
up down bumpy roads
walking bed of nails

talking points
Left and Right
touch a pinched nerve
jump down turn around
flip flop swerve

pin heads
tongues wagging
waiting to unfurl
their point
and they do have one

Patricia Spreng

Heres my TEXTURE photograph of a really cool, pointy flower in Maui, HI... click on the photograph to look at those tongues waiting to unfurl.... like party favors just waiting to make a noise!

Submitting this to  d’Verse Poetics tonight where we are challenged to use  “texture” in poetry.   Come and see the wonderful words of poets at d’Verse Poets


  1. Patricia, that photo is spectacular and I love how you applied it to our current political situation. A most unique approach to the prompt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You make me smile! I "feel" good... thanks Victoria!

  3. jump down turn around flip flop swerve...i think this is more of a political heads, tongues wagging...smiles. give them heck...

  4. now combining politics with flowers in such an off-beat way makes me jump down turn around, flip flop swerve...smiles

  5. Certainly feeling the picture... stop by to see my butterfly.

  6. nails and pin heads - ouch! What a cool photo.

  7. Love the texture and rhythm of this, great interpretation of the prompt.

  8. Such a twist to politics and poetry. TP can be positive leading to good discussions but may be time wasters at times. Beautiful poem!


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