Monday, May 30, 2011

This Son of Mine

On the Occasion of your High School Graduation 2011

Truth be told, I only fed him the four main food groups: pizza, hotdogs, orange pop, and peanut butter (tomatoes, cheese, bread, various forms of meat by products, fake vitamin c, and mashed peanuts).  Well, ok, he has eaten a few carrots before and maybe a couple of apples.

Truth be told, this son of mine was picky from the start.  He didn’t want to come out, and when he finally did, he made an entrance like none other.  The details of which will never be told… to him.  So the essence and mystique of feminine beauty shall remain intact.

Truth be told, his life was like a ball of fire, (a talking ball of fire)whirling through space and time.  Always talking, debating, arguing, defending his ideas and heightened sense of justice.  Able to memorize and recite most anything he watched or heard.  Constantly learning, reading, asking why.  He knows more than I do, academically.  My son.  Any idea of slowing down did not come until teenage years when enormous growth demanded sleep.  He made us laugh, he made me cry.  When our wills collided, it was like a scene from Star Wars with lasers and sound effects, his temper matching mine. (‘Evan, I am your mother.’)  Sometimes we would shake our heads and wonder, not at what… but why?

Truth be told, his tender spirit inside the warrior man is what I love the most.  He made me worry the most, until I realized that he was teaching me the most.  I don't worry about him anymore. I love his writing, his poetry, his music, his love of God, his compassionate soul, and his ability to discern and cope in spite of life’s imperfections.  Other parents (and, by that I mean mothers) trust him.  So do I.  I love his strength, inside and out. 

Truth be told, Evan, I love you.  I respect who you are.  I thank God for you and the gift you have always been to me.  I rejoice and overflow with pride because of you.  My son, Evan Jacob.

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