Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ode to a Gym Teacher

Defeat comes so bitterly
When all I’ve given fails
To bring me recognition
and compensation pales

in comparison to others
whose salaries are more
how can I be noticed
and  earn what I’ve worked for

when all that is within me
is crying out for more
give it to me now
or I’m walking out the door

hat trick

slam dunk
hole in one
triple crown

just around the corner
my fame out of reach
if only I could win one
so I’ll never have to teach

Submitted reluctantly, (and certainly not to offend the gym teachers) to One Stop Poetry hosted by Peter Marshall who prompted us with "Sport."   I’m sure he was hoping for something more …  well, passionately athletic.  Reminds me of the old '60s show in the U.S. called “You Asked For It.”  
Dear Mr. Marshall,    
Obviously, my passions reside outside of the sports arena.  But thank you for providing this one.
Sincerely, Patricia 
p.s. I hope your team wins!

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