Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bead Dazzled 

 Beads of many colors
waiting to be strung
slipping onto my unknotted
string of days

 Where every piece
appears again 
as though it never had
been strung before 

 A carousel of squeaky clean
passing by each turn
waving flags of color
laughing laundry lyrics

Pick me!
Wear me! 
Stain me again, you fool!
Wash me!
Dry me!
Fold me!
Dare to put me away!
Ha Ha!
Dirt eludes me 
spin cycle consumes me
and downy freshness
falsifies reality

Until I tumble
into tomorrow
slightly shrunken
needing to be stretched

In order to fit
the privilege of beading
as I start the thankful cycle
once more

Patricia Spreng

Having a little fun with my reality by submitting this to all the fun over at One Shot Wednesday.  Oh the wonderful words of poets.  Come see for yourself!


  1. A grand whimsical poem. My clothes taunt me as well...

  2. laundry...oh my...think have some to do myself...smiles. fun verse....

  3. Thanks for the tumble of words that make me smile!

  4. hahaha oh that was good and funny too
    A nice one shot by you
    Laundry can be a pain
    Might make one pop a vein
    Matching socks and all of that
    Plus some marks in underwear might make your hair curl and mat..lol
    But unless ones rich
    And the clothes they can ditch
    Each and every day
    Guess we're all stuck doing laundry some way


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