Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Northern Lights photo by Lars Carlson 10/24/11
True North

There you were last night,
in my darkness and cold.
Sometimes I think you prefer
to show up in the darkness.
Do we see you better then?
All northern-lighty and such…
sneaking up on us in your glorious glowing eruption of color
as though the trees were not enough.
You had to give us more, didn’t you?
Splashing those diamonds across midnight blue,
dazzling us in the effervesence of living water colors.
They said you were coming…
(just like Bethlehem…)
a light in the sky.
Silently, mysteriously, majestically
displaying your true colors.
Showing off as only you can…
reminding me.

You winked at me.
I saw it.
I smiled and I felt beautiful.
You took my breath away.
How do you do that?
Touching me with your presence
in such a way, that I know
from the twisting of my inner core
that you are the one gripping my heart. 
My love for you cannot help
but spill over in sighs and songs of delight.


Some people are sick of you, you know.
But maybe they are really just sick of people
who hurt people.
And you get blamed for it... crucified even. 
They think you are the church.  But the church is people.
Sometimes I hate being a people.
Those people who hurt others are sick of themselves
and the people who have hurt them, who also hate themselves,
because of people who hurt them, ad nauseum.
They’re all just people
who haven’t found you because of all the people in the way
or they wouldn’t be sick of you …
or worse,  pretend to be you.
They aren’t you.
Oh, to recognize the true enemy.
The confuser and destroyer of your people.
Don’t let me be destroyed Lord.


There you were last night
as you have always been.
Opening my eyes,
calling out to my heart
in the darkness and cold…
showing me
the one true north.

Patricia Spreng

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  1. Great photo and really liked where you took it, the close was perfect too.

  2. Very beautiful and uplifting write...indeed He is all around us...though it is a challenge to hear His voice amidst the noise.

    That picture is gorgeous...thanks for sharing this ~

  3. the one true north...yesterday i had a really bad day and in the evening i sat down with my guitar and started to worship until i saw him again...the one true north... yes.. so beautifully written patricia...loved every single line..

  4. Beautiful. They said on our news today that the Northern lights are the farthest south they've ever been seen before. Amazing.
    This was so deep, meaningful and emotive.
    A lovely write and read.

  5. i appreciate the beauty of seeing him in all things and that wink as well to remind you...yes there are those that certainly give a bad name to him...in his name as well...and that is sad...

  6. A gorgeous and wonderful write.

  7. Pat, this makes me cry. Course, I've been crying a lot lately, so not sure what that says. It's been a hollowing out time for me these past couple weeks. Allowing Him to love me fully--accepting that love fully--for maybe the first time. I never knew my heart was so hard.

    These beautiful words will be part of the process. Thank you.

  8. These beautiful words touched my heart Patricia. You are a gifted poet.

  9. Oh. Oh. Oh. LOVE this, Pat. Thank you. Thank you.

  10. It's truly like a revelation, what you are describing here....... Revelations are incredibly powerful, aren't they? When eyes are opened? When you see that wink? Mostly a very nice flow here Pat, wonderful write......

  11. Your unbridled joy and faith shine though this piece just as the Northern Lights blazed their translucent curtain across the skies last night, Pat.

  12. Wink at you? What a notion! Sorry. Sometimes I accidentally slip into dialogue from Pride and Prejudice. Anyway. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Sometimes I hate being a people, too. You're good people, Pat (even if I did have to sleep with one eye open at Laity)

  13. They say it's the earth's magnetic fields; I like your explanation better. Good poem, Patricia.

  14. Patricia,

    Ler teus textos é um puro e doce fascinio!...


  15. hi this is my Jannie's blogging managir.

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  16. I'm so glad you are a people, Patricia!! A blogging people who writes from the heart, and with such personality.

    You do very well where the Lord has scattered you.

    And funny, you were last on my post about Joni Mitchell's first album... as this post and Northern lights reminds me of her "Little Green" of her "Blue" album, of course.


  17. He lights the sky...even at night.

    My darkest night of the soul still has hope

  18. I missed them--those lights that night. I wonder what else I've missed.

    These words take my breath away.

  19. Oh ... you.

    What a beauty, this AND you. My, my, my ...

    Got a lump in my throat right here:

    "And you get blamed for it"


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