Sunday, October 9, 2011

No statistician alive
could calculate babies saved
by the number of drunk drivers
who slowed down because of a sign
dangling precariously above car seats
like stupidity,
which, in the event of a collision,
becomes a flying projectile
that will poke your eye out…
boomerangs that come back to bite ya
causing harm or injury
which, oddly, can be determined
by hospitals across America.

Somehow approved by the Chairman of the Bored
who must have been…
but was still able to calculate profits
and forge ahead with the invention of
the car seat shield…
let’s remember now,
Safety First.

Patricia Spreng

Joining with d’Verse Poetics and following Brian’s prompt to write on bumper stickers.  Come and see the other wonderful words of poets.


  1. oh goodness...our baby on board stickers are just plastic stickers on the danger to get em in the eyes...but doubt a drunken driver will notice them..

  2. ha - love the sarcasm in this, pat. I was thinking the same thing when I saw those baby on board signs but couldn't think of how to write about it. You wrote it perfectly!

  3. a nice social commentary is this...and glad improvements have been made...thinking of a baby as a flying projectile is rather alarming...

  4. I never knew that Patricia. Well done!

  5. Yes glad they could improve, that was not a good groove and those drunks, will always be in their funks.

  6. Same here, ours stick on the car window, nice observation of yours though and prose to convey it!

  7. My favorite part was Chairman of the Bored. Loved that play on words. It's amazing how men in suits find time to not really accomplishing anything.

  8. i'd like to see those statistics. i can't help wondering if this is true or whether it's satirical.

  9. just satire for the sake of it...
    and I was in a hurry. =)

    I wonder if Brian will ever see that it was the sign itself becoming a flying object, not the baby.... yikes!


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