Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Other Throne

Submitting this to d'Verse Poets where the prompt today (hosted by Mark Kerstetter) is to "imagine that person who is other than you, and think about how you might construct a dramatic monologue in poetry..."   so here goes... in my "Other" character's voice...

 The Other Throne read by Patricia Spreng

The Other Throne

My deah,
may ah remind you…
I was heah way befohr you were all thayt.
Sweet and chahming,
alahming I was…

I have my stories.
Some you will neveh heah….
an I learn a thing or two, I did.
Ushully from my own damn mistakes,
tryin to fix things mah self.
But, you so busy thinkin you know it all,
and everybody gonna  luhv  you cause you talk so sweet.

Damn, stop that crap talkin’ sweet to me.
Look at me…
Go ahed. Really  look at me.
Cuz I was you,
and yous gon be me… someday
an ther ain’t no sweet talk eveh gon cover up that fac.

You kids like ta say “been theh, done that.”
Like no one else has eveh been theh or done that.
Oh, you been theh and done that allraht.
Big wallup whoopdee do.
So was I,
and my muthah befor me,
and her muthah befor her.

Open yo eyes girl.
Don’t you dare forget
I have lived through more of yo ‘that’
and been more of yo  ‘there’
than you have eveh even thawd of yet.
Payshion, lust, greed, pain…
I have lived, …
I have survahved through loving and losing
beyond what your tiny head
can even dream.

So don be talkin sweet to me.
Preten’in  ahm some sweet lady I aint.
Just cause I’m old,
an sittin heah in this wheel chaya,
I aint’  sweet.
I mad as hell.
And I don wan be heah.

Do not come bouncin’ in heah
shakin me up with yo sweetness
tellin me when to eat,
or when to clap to those stupid songs you play.
Only one you makin feel bettah is you,
not me.
You cant heah the  music in my head.
You cant see me dancing.
You leave me be.

I have my eyes close
cuz I wan to
and that’s where I be ...
in my dreams.
Cuz this heah is not my realitee.

Take your place girl
and do not wake me.
In my dreams,
this heah ain no wheel chaya…
its my throne.

Patricia Spreng



  1. There is a song by Barry Manilow about an elderly couple in a retirement home - she's in a wheelchair and he's singing about the old days, when he had hair and she had "legs." We are such a youth-obsessed culture that we forget that everyone is young once.

    Great poem, Patricia.

  2. guess we should try on their shoes before getting into their heads... great viewpoint

  3. great use of dialect....really enjoy getting into that...i catch all her attitude but also maybe a bit deserved as well...

  4. Patricia, I really liked this poem. Age can sometimes take away all that a person can do, but it is a blessing when it doesn't take away the person's mind. This person is spunky, proud, not willing to give up the little freedom he has left. I love that the wheelchair is his throne!

  5. Thanks... a lot of fun to write. Funny that you thought it was a man, Mary... when I wrote the "other" as a woman. She's spunky alright, sometimes I think "hell hath no fury than a woman aged." I do wonder what I will be like. The men I work with are much more friendly than this. Thank you for the good words, friends. =)

  6. well, you dun quite rite heah good hearing --literally-- from this speaker of the other side. well done.

  7. I really like the voice of the old woman... just because we see them with white hair and in a wheelchair, we can't presume to know what is best for them or goes on in their heads. Good response to the prompt ~

  8. Here goes indeed! You've got a great voice here, and have nicely stepped into the role of observer to bring us this character. Well done!

  9. Great use of the accent/dialect--you've done it consistently and yet in a way that is readable and not patronizing. Really well done.

  10. so there is music in her head as well...this was a joy to read patricia...loved the dialect and whew...strong lady..

  11. You tell her, sister! Oh boy, did I hear this voice. You nailed it. And I LOVE this woman. I want to be her when I grow up. Seriously.

    "I have survahved"!

    This is one of my favorites. Thanks so much.

  12. Great job in getting into the "other"- slang and all! It's sad, though, to watch someone grow old. If I end up like that I'll probably keep my eyes closed, too.

  13. My stars, girl! You have an ear for dialect. It all rang true.

  14. This had me grinning from ear to ear! You go, girl! Love, love, love it, Pat. Saucy.

  15. VERY nice mom! how did you get your voice to sound like that? REALLY coll mom! :)

  16. Oh Kara Joy!! I love you with all my heart.

  17. I read it outloud and it was so cool to hear this woman's voice. U think you did very well getting inside her head! Thanks for sharing.



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