Thursday, October 13, 2011

Living Water 

I paddle along water's edge with the one who walks on it.
In streams of living water
finding evidence of new life in his presence,
though I do not feel it.

I walk to heights of grandeur with the one who is majesty.
Finding mountains of evidence of life among death
in the smallest details.
 know the one who  is so kind,
he gives wings to the smallest seed,
freedom to fly and faith to grow.
Blessed is she who believes without feeling,
trusting her wings are there  

while waiting
in the shelter of his.
Patricia Spreng
Photographs taken by Patricia Spreng at Laity Lodge
joining today with Faith Barista


  1. Umm. Next time, let me walk with you, okay?

  2. The pictures are amazing Patricia - but oh the words. How they minister.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Patricia - finding solace in creation's beauty.

  4. I have to say...I love the way you see. And I want to walk with you too. :)

  5. Oh, my! pure beauty in word and image.

  6. Beautiful words. Beautiful photos. I loved being here today.

  7. These are amazing words and photos. I love how you see!


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