Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Standard Poem

Mind if I add a little background music to the pub tonight?

      In July,  I gave a concert at the grand opening of a beautiful, new retirement community in a nearby city. I noticed how the titles of the songs fit nicely into a poem of sorts…. A Standard Poem,  if you will. 

          Click right here  or on the "Recordings" tab above if you'd like to hear me sing some of these.  Enjoy! 

A Standard Poem

What’s New?
(did you know)
I Have Got a Crush on You?

(i love having )
Someone to Watch Over Me
(and whisper in my ear)
Hello Dolly

(i hear the)
(in the)
Orange Colored Sky
(and i think to myself)
What a Wonderful World

Almost Like Being In Love

When I Fall In Love
(i get)
(do I need to spell it for you?)

At Last
The Very Thought of You
(because of the way you make me)

Patricia Spreng

Joining today with d'verse Poets Pub for open link night.  The pub opens at 3 pm est.  Click on their site to find the wonderful words of poets and enjoy!


  1. Oh that sure wasn't a highway to hell
    You were really swinging on a star
    Putting each one side by side
    Bit by Bit it was great
    Geez I get around

    haha I'll go before I where out my stay or cause dismay, nice piece.

  2. ha this was fun play and you can add background music any time you would like...really well spun patricia

  3. Bravo! Love a good pub soundtrack! Hope you received the standing ovation you deserved. I now leave...smiling and humming Louis Armstrong...thank you!

  4. What a clever write and to add the songs too, very nice touch.
    You have a beautiful voice, I began to listen and thought WOW.... she CAN sing~!!! Lovely voice.

  5. omg I LOVE LOVE LOVE your voice!!!!!!! a beautiful poem and that voice to along with it is just perfect

  6. Ok...... I love you. ahem... did I say that out loud? ooooops... Your voice is beautiful.... and i needed these mellow songs to get through these poems tonight.... will be listening to you 'til I'm finished... How do I get your recordings on a playlist?

  7. You have a wonderful voice.. i like those mellow songs.. reminded me of my dad too ~

    Thanks for this ~

  8. Patricia~ Beautiful and very clever! ~laurie

  9. A fun collage of song titles. And your recordings! You have a fabulous voice. You should be singing commercially, if you are not. Amazing to hear!

  10. beautiful voice!!! my hubby would certainly make you join his worship band if you were close! : )

  11. Bravo! You have a beautiful voice...thank you for sharing.

  12. Oh, I enjoyed this. Thanks so much.


  13. Thanks all for your wonderful encouragement... I so appreciate your feedback! It was fun to put these songs out there and the titles together. What a great community of very gifted people! =)

  14. We get a soundtrack now do we? Nice - and you've got a lovely voice by the by!

  15. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous melodic voice with us, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  16. Lovely, your voice, the poem and your creativity!

  17. Very, very kool! Loved ur voice in the recordings. Top shelf talent. Luved the poem too. Maybe you could sing s piece of mine some day. That would be a kool post. Or I'd love to hear you sing one of yours. Thanks for the luv on my page. Always appreciate ur visits.

  18. how cool to make a poem out of the titles. Now, I am off to listen to some musical lovepats!

  19. Your poem (and voice) are an Unchained Melody.

  20. clapping my hands...very nice...smiles...sparks an idea...

  21. Dear favorite lepidopterist blogging new BFF of mine,

    if I were on the ball today I'd tell you about

    all of me


    it had to be you

    and such


    I'll do this comment my way

    and say that

    the summer wind

    yes, the one that came blowing in

    from across the sea,

    weaves its magic here in your poem.

    So before I was all poetic about

    the way you wear your hat,

    I'll say

    That's All...

    'scuse me while I disappear......

    (P.S. You had my heart, wait no, you took my heart to in San Francisco with this medley of some of the most gorgeous songs ever written.) Thank you!!!

    And don't even get me STARTED about what happened

    once upon a high and windy hill

    in the morning mist

    two lovers kissed

    and the earth stood still.


  22. Unforgettable - that's what's playing as I type. GORGEOUS. SO glad you stopped my blog today so that I could find yours. Don't be afraid, Patricia. You may attract an occasional spam comment, but mostly the people out here in cyberspace are interesting, seeking, fun and real. Were you saying that you are coming to Laity Lodge in 2 weeks??

  23. oooh... thank you... you all are makin' me smile. Claudia, I LOVE new ideas ... especially when they are "Unchained!" Glynn, what a great song... thank you.


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