Friday, September 23, 2011

Hold On

 Winds have always blown
in beauty and terror
testing strength
against  strength
opposing fiercely
 until the moment when
fear (embraced)
in the eye of the Beholder
peace comes 
and what you thought
was weakness
is Strength disguised
in you
not of you
holding fear away

Patricia Spreng

    Oh, how unusual for me to be late!  I'm joining others  at  Faith Barista... click right here to see other's Autumn posts.
     As Fall arrives, the winds blow, leaves fall, colors change, temperatures change.   I cannot help but see there is a direct correlation to my life and faith season of Autumn.   Changes, yes.  In our imperfect life, the winds of many challenges are blowing in our family. Our children are  leaving our home, (hair) colors are changing, physical changes, health changes, etc.  (and yes, temperature changes!)  Changes I ordinarily would fear, I am choosing to embrace.  Living within change, I am finding God's strength in embracing the storms, not fearing them.  Is He the calm at the eye of your storm ?


  1. Did you change your hair color? I thought you got a new cut. Either way, it looks sweet :). And good for you to embrace the change. It's not always easy, but this is how we grow, I guess. Love to you, Patricia.

  2. Embracing change/fear... not easy to do. But it is needed to embrace all of God.

  3. embracing changes is grace, your blog is such a lovely place.

  4. glad to read you and love your blog.
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