Tuesday, September 27, 2011

flutter by butterfly

dressed in wings of beauty, frail
he listened  as she told her tale

his wings were strong and flattered by
the way that she had fluttered by

they didn’t see the windshield, splattered
she listened to his last words, sputtered

'fly like the wind though heart may fail'
she flew away with broken tail

Patricia Spreng
After finding this Spicebush Swallowtail managing her broken wings so beautifully, I caught the image and the story came quickly.  I was delighted to find an actual form in the ending words of each line!  By now, you know I have no head knowledge of poetry... just heart knowledge. So, I ask my learned poet friends... and you know who you are =) ...   Is this a form? Does it have a name?

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  1. awww...poor butterfly...you caught me off guard with the windshield...i love to watch them dance in the air...

  2. beautiful rhyming post.. the picture is lovely, and ending lines, though sad, are inspiring ~

  3. poor thing... got a few swallow tails this summer and their my favorite

  4. Oh, this is beautiful but very sad. I love butterflies.....

  5. Hi Patricia.... I must agree wiht the others, that is amazingly sad. But so imaginative.... I'm a native of Indiana so your photos of monarchs have special meaning to me, it's the very first (and most abundant) butterfly my father taught me about. I don't know formal poetry either, though often I incorporate my own forms into poetry, as my feelings warrant. Most of my forms are unique to just that one poem, which is what I think you have done here.. Although there are many popular forms chronicled in dusty old french journals that you can follow for a challenge, forms can also be whatever you make them. Write from your heart. Emily Dickinson never really followed the popular forms of her day, and she was shunned basically by her contemporaries. But then her metered, rhyming poetry rocked the 20th centruy, and still does. She's a rock star Patricia, and so are you... I know that you do have a couple of very interesting and different rhyming types, when used well they spice up a poem tremendously, as your did..... If you like you can follow this link.... Rhymes...

  6. Poor butterfly went splat, suppose it's better than being eaten by the cat..haha

    Oh and I rhyme all the time, no idea the name of the chime..haha

  7. Pat, this is sad, beautiful and inspiring.

  8. A tragic tale...lends human emotion and personification to even the smallest creature...nice work.

  9. i like how the image inspired you...and sometimes we still are able to fly even with a broken wing...

  10. such love and beauty in both word and photo...breathtaking.

  11. touching piece, lovely use of image ~ Rose

  12. I have no clue Patricia, but I love it just the same. You always make me smile!


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