Monday, September 12, 2011

funny monday

do you see 6 turkeys?

What’s the trouble turkeys?
                                        Got your feathers in a fluff?

It’s only Max
the mighty wonder dog
The Terrier Terror
(Triple T)

    fly away turkey ...
                       don’t let the puppy get you down...
When’s the last time you saw a turkey in a tree?


  1. Oh, I love the movement in these!!! :)

    Makes me want to go outside and run.

  2. ha. fun stuff for a monday...thank you for the smiles...nice job wonder dog...

  3. You are so making me smile! I had to come over here first because after your comment I knew I needed a smile. You did not disappoint! Um, and I"ve NEVER seen a turkey in a tree!

  4. I can honestly say I've never seen a turkey in a tree. What a hoot!

  5. Oh ya... a mother with three little tikes yesterday. Grand-daughter loved it. We had just finished studying turkeys in the morning and there they were running with in the woods. Didn't have my camera though!


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