Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sheep On A Beach

I hear the rhythm of the ocean 
call my name and
I surrender all 
to crashing waters
in sandy pastures.

Captivated by day,
lulled by night,
I hear you speak
in sound waves
all your own.

For who’s to say
this is not exactly the
timbre, tone and depth
of your voice.

Vast, powerful,
soft and mesmerizing.

Always present,
always calling.

Patricia Spreng

My sheep listen to my voice…   John 10:27

Joining with d’Verse Poets for Open LinkNight.  Click on the white link and come read the wonderful words of poets.


  1. "timbre, tone and depth"... wonderful lines; and in stillness we hear Him call

  2. This is a good example of how nature calls us to the divine. Good to be able to hear that voice everywhere.

  3. sounds peaceful to me....i love the ocean...the rhythm of the waves is so...i just love listening to it...and nature....very cool poem...

  4. I like this very much; and I do think that one can hear many things if one listens to the waves. And the voices, the messages, are indeed mesmerizing. I have loved so much those times I have had opportunity to sleep as I have listened to waves lapping up on the shore. No more restful sleep than that.

  5. I LOVE this one, Pat - sheep on a beach - yes, please. :>) Wish you were coming to Nebraska in two weeks, kiddo. Sure would love to hug your neck.

  6. Beautiful and easy to read - I loved the lines vast, powerful, soft and mesmerising. You described the ocean well. Dropping by from dVerse.

  7. nice...i think if he can talk through a donkey, he can surely through the waves as well...smiles

  8. Love the beautiful message and voice ~

  9. Such a peaceful satisfaction in this.

  10. lovely - timbre, tone and depth of your voice...beautiful


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