Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mercy Notes

 The young one dangles her toes
that barely touch streams of mercy,
singing strains of amazing grace
by heart.

Yet, I hear
deep cello cries rising up,
as mercy notes stir me.

Only they have no name, really.
For what do you call the silence of being captured by a thought,
or the sound of darkness as it disappears,
the weight of sin lifted?

My heartstrings tightened, tuned
‘til dissonant chords resolve
and knees fall down
to sing for you
the song you sang for me.

Patricia Spreng

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  1. I love 'the silence of being captured by a thought.' That truly is, I think, a wonderful kind of silence.

    And the ending, how beautiful that one would sing for the other the song that the other had sung! I enjoyed this greatly.

  2. There are things that we simply do not have single words for - that's why we have poets ;-)

  3. ah see amazing grace always gets me...i love the contrast between the silence and the song....and singing the the song sang to you....

  4. filled with grace and beauty ...

  5. Love this, Pat. love you, too.

  6. and knees fall down -

    that is my fav part.


  7. Hi Pat, so glad to have stumbled across your blog as it is not only beautiful but so full of wonderful and wise words....



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