Sunday, April 28, 2013

Music Changes Everything


      p   l  
          e     d
      with    colors 
                 of       joy
                        of                         c
                                M                  i
                                        u    s
Patricia Spreng
Joining with d'Verse Poets... come and find the wonderful words of poets.
Pat Spreng with Dan, Chuck and Rod Jacobs 4-26-13 Click on the link to hear their amazing jazz, you won't be disappointed.  What a privilege to sing with them. Photo by Myrna Jacobs


  1. ah very often takes me on a journey listening to it...i wanted to hear you singing with them...smiles. cool format you chose as well....

  2. Thanks Brian... I don't think they recorded this particular event... but you can catch me under the "Recordings" tab on this blog. = )

  3. Yes indeed. Travelling in the music ... a limitless journey.

  4. how cool...i would've loved to hear you sing with can take us on the most fascinating journeys

  5. Music a definite trip. Absolutely. k.

  6. Wow, Pat! Lovely - all of it. And I had no idea that you also sing - and so very beautifully!

  7. I like the forms dancing down the page ~ What a lovely music Pat ~

  8. PAT!! I couldn't find a link to hear you singing with them - is there one? Love this poem - as I do all your poetry. AND - I just found your tribute page and see that you had a grandfather Burkholder. That is a huge family name for my husband - we went to Burkholder family reunions for years. His family emigrated from Germany/Switzerland as conscientious objectors and Mennonites/Brethren in Christ. I know your family history is Catholic, so there is probably no really direct connection - but that is a somewhat unusual name. Kinda cool.

    1. Hi Diana!! The link in the caption is just for their jazz music site. I don't believe they recorded this funeral... it was for their beloved 96 year old aunt. It was a true celebration of her life! These boys are all from CA and the bass ukelele player has toured with Kenny Rogers for over 30 years! I wish it was recorded!

      Yes, my grandfather was a Burkholder from the Pennsylvania Dutch and left the Mennonite church when he was a young man, married my grandmother, a Methodist. My mother converted to Catholicism in order to marry my Dad in 1942. I remember when we met I think I said you do look an awful lot like one of my sisters, Diana!! Love you!! = )


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