Tuesday, March 12, 2013



she lay in wait
for her appointed time

elegance complete
yet undisplayed

fragrance swells within

until the bursting

Patricia Spreng

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  1. ah lovely...come on spring!!!
    i guess i should be content she wait for her time though, eh? smiles.

  2. waiting long, and waiting still

    praying for the fast healing of your camera!

  3. I am smiling - this has such a feel beyond flowers - pregnancy or love - very nice. k.

  4. Swelling with possibility. Beautiful.

  5. oh yes...can't wait for spring to really come...we tasted her already but now winter's back with full force...i hope it doesn't take that long now...

  6. elegance complete yet undisplayed, what a strong line. Really nice verse. thanks

  7. Beautiful phrasing, Patricia. One day I might be able to write like this, but until then ....

    PS - My name is all over my blog :-)

  8. Hi Patricia,
    I really like the carefully crafted economy of your writing here - gives this poem real impact - a pleasure to read... With Best Wishes
    Scott www.scotthastie.com

  9. I am looking forward to the fragrance bursting of spring ~ Lovely words Patricia ~

  10. Amazing metaphor, Patricia. I do relish the ability to take nature and explore life truths as you've aptly done in few words.

  11. Oh, this is beautiful! I think we are all waiting for the burst of spring. (You commented in my blog about having heard a Leonard Cohen song at a funeral. I think a lot of his really WOULD work well, now that you mention it.)

  12. I believe in Kingdom Come
    that we are all as one
    I believe in spring...

    to be continued in a song, perhaps one day.

    Your poem reminds me that as spring is secretly about to burst, magic is at work behind the scenes. All hands back stage preparing the spring spectacular show! :)

    I think I will possibly be fading out the sidebar buttons over at my site after the next 10 or 20 friends or so, but YOURS is absolutely next. And I think I am going to design it now...


  13. This is so good, Pat. And you have pictures!


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