Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Widow

She didn’t hear the waiter ask
How would you like your coffee?

Adrift in her unknown,
simplicities were impossibilities.
Her life line had been cut.

The only thing she could feel
was the warmth of the cup
cradled in her hands.

The only thing she wanted 
was the warmth of his hand.

She wanted her coffee with him.

Patricia Spreng

Joining with d’verse Poetics in response to the artwork of Kelvin S.M. The Widow


  1. oh heck...i wish the waiter could fulfill that request...a felt piece..when my grandma died, my granddad didn't want to live anymore as he missed her so much..

  2. ...too sad how this woman has come to the point when she could no longer handle too much pain & missing leading her always on state of emptiness...unconscious from the movements & sounds of the living world... short but really felt piece... enjoyed it..thank you... smiles...

  3. Loved this - so forlorn and a real touch of hopelessness. Life is full of missed touches and missed moments.

  4. mm...felt...and sad....the feeling of aloneness is strong in this one....i am glad she gets a little warmth from the cup..e.ven if it is artificial...

  5. There's a unique kind of emptiness in this.

  6. Awww, that was so touching! I loved it in its unadorned simplicity and honesty.

  7. I was going to say the same thing that Marina said. This is so very touching... Beautifully expressed.

  8. Perfect! So much said through something so every-day and ordinary.

  9. So touching and sad. You expressed it beautifully.

  10. last line brings it together.
    it is hard to imagine that we will all be there some day
    losing someone close to us

  11. So short. So poignant.

    It makes me think of my dad. Although that wouldn't make me a widow, he's the one I drink coffee with (my husband won't touch the stuff). Thankfully, he's well, but I will miss him so when he's gone.


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