Wednesday, January 30, 2013


She said it wasn't his time to learn,
he would come to it later then.
My eyes looked at her,
the way they do when I really hear.

So, I took my quick to judge thoughts
and blame-filled finger,
unleashed the anger around my throat
and settled on a path of patience
content to wait.

Quickened at the thought of being taught
while teaching.

Patricia Spreng

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  1. being taught while teaching...i like the thought of a circle here...we never stop learning...i like.. i'm always more a learner than a teacher..

  2. Learning never ends...enjoyed reading this piece of yours :)

  3. truth be told we all need the learning...smiles....i agree with claudia as is all a circle...the give and take of that teaching...

  4. Well, I get how you had to hold your anger and judgement.
    Was it because you were told your son wasn't ready to learn?
    Who is the "He" you were so quick to want to protect?

  5. Powerful, Patricia... I especially like the second stanza.

  6. A good lesson here, Patricia. Sometimes it IS better to wait before speaking.

  7. 'Really hear' is a great visual ...well written poem ;)

  8. I think it an ideal time to learn Patricia. I do love your poetry.

  9. So familiar that jump to judgement feeling when someone tells you something about your loved one....and its hard to let the lessons happen.

  10. those wagging fingers of ours...

    i've missed this place!



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