Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just a Whiff*

Love,” he whispered.
What’s love got to do with it?”
she rasped in her best Tina Turner,
I need coffee’ voice.

Running on empty,
fumes escaped her.
Though driven,
she couldn’t start…
wouldn’t even turn over

until he primed her
with wafting tendrils
of hot, black beans
like her.

Patricia Spreng

*just·a·whiff·i·ca·tion [juhs-tuh-wi-fi-kay-shuh n]  noun
1.  The process of being made right by just a whiff of coffee and the promise of comfort it brings.
Joining with friends at TS Poetry Press where the January theme is coffee or tea… and so, I add me.  = )

And the good folks at d’Verse Poets for Tuesday's Open Link Night.


  1. haha i know the feeling....i gotta have my coffee first thing in the morning...black....smiles...and whoever gets up first makes it for the other...smiles.

  2. Love this, Pat, even though I'm not a coffee drinker. I'm not a morning person, either - so this sounds like me. . . minus the request for beans. :>) Love the plays on words. NICE.

  3. Neat and sweet. I like the brevity and the conversational tone, which demonstrate that a poem's impact doesn't depend on quantity of words and self-conscious imagery.

  4. Enjoyed this. I am drinking my morning coffee as I respond here...my favorite time of day. Smiles.

  5. nice - I love your morning poem.

  6. oh nice..coffee brings comfort for sure...wouldn't wanna miss my hot steamy cup of freshly brewed black coffee in the morning

  7. Nice spin...ahhh more coffee please...:-)

  8. I revel in the scent of morning coffee brewing. Nice work!

  9. Mmm... I'm sipping on my first cup of the morning.

  10. Ironically enough, I am sipping my coffee as I read this :)

    Great blog :)

  11. I'm on my second cup at this moment! Total addict me. :)

    And funny, I was singing that song the other day, just that line.

    I wonder what Tina's doing today? Maybe sipping coffee too -- and probably in a big big mansion.



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