Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tiny Town

There we lived in Tiny Town
a city with no walls

But for pines
and evergreens
who made our beds
and called

come lay with me
and play with me
sweep paths
adventure bound

as needles crunch beneath us
a secret world unknown
sing and laugh and gallop
a picnic for the soul

while towering trees and evening breeze
enraptured every soul

laugh and love and languish
listen to the trees
swaying heights of beauty
dancing  just for me

so lay upon the needled bed
and stare upon the sky
peaceful rows of grandeur
cloudless grace floats by

drink the sweet aroma
a cup of carefree days
scented by serenity
I pine for you, oh pines

Patricia Spreng

Gathering at d'Verse Poets tonight for the telling of a fairy tale.  Come join us for the wonderful words of poets.  The prompt reminded me of Tiny Town.  A real place my sisters and I created in our childhood on top of a hill, in the woods behind our cabin.  It was a fairy tale land alright...where no ghosts or goblins threatened us... it was safe.  Now, isn't that a fairy tale?  I tried to stay away from the rhythm and rhyme of this piece.  But it took on a life of its own and became childlike in its skipping rhythm. 


  1. i like the underlines the carefree childhood mod..oh and how you make me wish for a needled bed with forest scent in my nose and nothing than blue sky above...wonderful...and that this place was real makes it double enchanting

  2. ah i pine for such a place as well...a place with no walls it speaks of no need for that, no division...there is a great peace within your words as well...i just wanted to sigh....

  3. Nice, Patricia. It's amazing how children are always building forts, houses, personal myths, constructing elaborate playscapes that exclude the adult world, but are a deeper world we forget I think too often as adults. I think the rhyme serves this piece well.

  4. Cool piece Patricia. Like the idea you presented here of tiny towns, great metaphor. Also I think you did a great job recreating that fairy tale sound and feel here. Great job. Thanks

  5. Lovely! I just really love rhyming verse - and this is lilting and perfect.

  6. I really enjoyed this look at your childhood sanctuary. It brought back halcyon days at summer camp. Also, I wanted to thank you again for your kind words and prayers for my mentee.

  7. Wonderful fairy tale feel, tiny town sounds like a nice place to be, even if built by thee.

  8. a great lesson for us all in our busy life-styles

  9. "a picnic for the soul." LOVE this friend. thank you for being such an encouragement to me. bless you.

  10. This reminds me of the area in my grandparent's woods where my brother and I would make little farms and roads. Your words are so picturesque.


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