Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tea par-tea

come and sit she said
patting the flea ridden couch cushion next to her

my ankles itched
at the thought of it

cup of tea?  she asked
and all I could do was feign interest
with no escape
resignation perched itself upon the edge
wishing for sereni-tea
steeped in dark anxie-tea
my bitter blend of stupidi-tea
she filled my cup with humili-tea
when I had tasted her reali-tea
with one lump or two

she winked
and raised her pinky high

patricia spreng

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  1. Great wordplay and punning. No doubt, this was not a person one would wish to have tea with too many times a year. Your poem really carves out her character so much we can almost see her reaching for that tea cup!

  2. hehe whole lotta -tea going on here...you def let us see her...and wish we were not having the same -tea.....smiles

  3. This is charming, and I like the tongue in cheek word use--appearances can be deceiving, though fleas are never good.

  4. nice job at the word-play. I love the word feign as well. Nice job, enjoyed the read. Thanks

  5. I love this! Great word play!
    It did, however, bring to mind an old and unpleasant memory. We won't go into detail!

  6. I would love to hear you read this one aloud Patricia. It is wonderful.

  7. Sweet and charming love the word play :)

  8. I'm a big fan of TEA and hadn't thought of the many wonderful uses of "tea" ... I"m going to be on the look out for them (or should I say "listen" out for them).

  9. ha this is great...how did i miss this...all the --tea's -- just love those word plays..and my ankles are itching now...


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